Why Your Septic Systems Need To Be Properly Maintained?

Septic SystemsBefore you can really appreciate why you need to maintain your septic system, I guess you need to understand what it is and what it does. Let’s establish a very simple description by stating that it is an underground tank into which all of the waste water from your home empties. It is constructed to allow the solid waste to settle to the bottom to form sludge and the oily, greasy waste to float to the top to form scum. The liquid that remains is filtered out of the tank, into the ground around and beneath it.  Have a look at septicserviceboise for more info on this.

Now that you know what it is and you know what it does, let’s talk about the reasons why it is in your best interests to maintain this system properly. Probably the biggest reason to maintain it is the cost of replacing it should it fail. Septic systems initially cost thousands of dollars to install and replacement is also a costly process. System failures can also cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace or repair on damage done in and around your home should your system overflow and backup into the house. If you don’t properly maintain your system, system failures can cause improperly or unfiltered material to seep into the ground and eventually into the groundwater system that could possibly be a source for drinking water.Septic Systems2

Another important reason to maintain your system is the fact that it must be in good working order if you plan to sell your home. Having to make unplanned repairs or even the replacement of your system before you can sell you home will take a huge bite out of any proceeds you receive from the sale. This will affect your buying power for the replacement home purchase. What things do you need to consider when having your system serviced? Well, first of all, remember the sludge and floating scum we mentioned earlier? That material must be removed periodically to keep your system functioning in good order. Regular inspections of your system will enable this action to be performed with enough frequency to keep your system running properly. The cost of regular inspections will prove to be a bargain and the money well spent when compared to the costs of repairing or replacing your system.